Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yoga mat size etiquette?

Is there an unwritten rule of maximum yoga mat size? I can imagine the 6x6 circular mat raising eyebrows (but certainly helps the floppers and folks with concrete floors). 24x72 inches tends to be standard, and in packed rooms space is at a premium. I can see some extra tall folks going for extra length, but beyond that what do you feel is appropriate? Should we see a trend to accept larger sizes overall?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Yoga Cost

There is a variance in the cost of yoga. You can do it at home for free. Watch TV, or heck, as most do, check out a Youtube video that will guide you through a workout. Studios also vary. Usually the early morning sessions are comparatively cheap. But what about peak hours, and what about the variance in cost between yoga studios? Yoga, despite the fact you only need a mat, is quickly outpacing the cost of other exercise activities. Sporting events per session, even the likes of expensive sports like hockey, are now comparative with yoga. There are, of course, additional expenses, like the maintenance of the studio, the changing rooms, etc. But does the cost justify what's being provided? In the case of yoga you require an instructor, and there are differences between good and bad ones (or less experienced instructors). But in a full class is it really worth paying $15 bucks a session (or more)? Many don't have a problem paying the same amount they would for the gym for yoga, and yoga in a comfortable environment, which seems to be pretty key for many. But it's also quickly becoming an industry predicated not on yoga, but on revenues. Having said that, it doesn't take very much to go about and search for a low cost, or zero cost, alternatives. There are always simple opportunities to take a yoga class. If you're more than a casual enthusiast, then you'll pay for your service.