Monday, March 26, 2012

Coffee snobs

you know what I've noticed a lot lately? Women who fall prey to the evil empire of consumerism. This isn't new, after all, the only measurement of ugliness is a result of our perception of beauty. When it comes to consumable goods like coffee, some people have their routines, and others just go with the flow.

Case in point, Starbucks, or heck, any chain. People don't go there for the coffee, they go for prestige and then by routine. Don't tell me it's cause it's a great cup of Joe, you unfortunately demonstrate you know very little about real coffee :P

So what got me going was the last time i was at the gym. Upon leaving I noticed a number of people crossing the street to get coffee from a crappy chain. What they missed LITERALLY next door was the local koffee shop owned by someone from the neighborhood. Maybe 'local' hasn't caught on yet, but the same people who get into yoga and spin class are the exact same who think it's cool to shop at the farmer's market--ergo it's cool to buy your coffee from the neighborhood shop.

Unless it tastes like bunk, but make sure it's not careful marketing that's affecting your tastebuds.