Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Yoga is Really Hot

So with the Groupon's that keep coming out I figured I'd take advantage and give Hot Yoga a shot.

I didn't really know waht to expect, and although I googled a bit about it prior to, well, it wasn't what I expected.

Exercise is important, especially when you do'nt want to exercise (repeatedly). So off I went, and boy, I was surprised. Not so much the yoga part, but the hot part..... yea, it was hot.

The room is hot, it's like sauna hot but without the steam. Apparently it's cool add the heat and sweat a bit more. Maybe a burn a bit more, but I sure can smell everyone better....

But I guess it worked, I looked like most of the other folks as we left, a sweat soaked tomato.

9 more session left on my coupon......